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Monday, 24 February 2014 15:04

3rd AyurEx Kandy – 2016 Exhibition Rules & Regulations

  1. Application form

    1. The exhibitor acknowledges that signing the application form it has agreed and undertaken to comply with all its obligations under the regulations and any other additional rules and regulations prescribed by the organizer.
    2. The steering committee has the sole and absolute discretion to accept or reject application to exhibit at exhibition.
  2. Participation fee and payments

    1. Payments to be made in full when submitting the application.
    2. Payment will be non – refundable except.
    1. when the steering committee has rejected the application to exhibit at the exhibition, the organizer will refund in full but without interest that part of the Participation fee paid by the applicant, or
    2. When the steering committee has cancelled or materially reduced or shortened the exhibition. The steering committee may in its sole and absolute discretion refund without interest such amount if any, of the participation fee paid.
  3. Stall allocation

    1. Stall allocation will be on first come first served basis. The steering committee has the sole and absolute discretion in allotting and specifying the location and position of the stand and reserves the  right to re-allot and re–specify another stand different to the one originally allotted to the exhibitor at any time prior to the commencement of the exhibition period. The exhibitor does not have a right to object to such allocation and speciation.
    2. The exhibitor cannot use anomie on the stand that is different from the one specified on the application form without the prior written approval of the steering committee.
    3. The right to use the stand allocated is personal to the exhibitor and cannot be transferred, assigned, sub- contracted or otherwise shared with any third party.
  4. Constriction of the stand and related work

    1. The stand will be provided by the steering committees’ official contractors and is of standard designs. No variation of the facial board lettings, structure or any integral part of the stand by the exhibitor will be permitted without the prior written approval of the steering committee. The exhibitor shall be liable to the steering committee for any damage caused by the exhibitor, contractors, agents or associates to any part of the stand.
    2. The transportation assembly, dismantling and removal of the custom-built stand shall be sole responsibility of the exhibitor. All such work must be carried out according to the arrangements and within the time limits specified in the regulations or as otherwise specified by the steering committee.
    3. Work of any kind carried out by the exhibitor at the exhibition venue must conform to all applicable statutes, rules and regulations applicable to the exhibition venue and also those specified by the steering committee reserves the right to stop any work which contravenes any of such no claim against the steering committee or its agents for any other losses or damages.
    4. Work of any kind carried out by the exhibitor or its associates at the exhibition venue including the decoration of the stand must be fully completed within the time limits specified  by the steering committee and in any case by 10 pm on the day preceding the commencement of the exhibition. All repairs or alterations to the stand or displays may only be carried from the public and with the prior approval of the steering committee or its agent.
    5. The exhibitor must remove from the exhibition venue, all products, goods, materials items or things of the exhibitor or its associates within one day after the conclusion of the exhibition or within such other time as specified by the steering committee. Any such products, goods, materials items or things which are not removed from the exhibition venue by the specified time will be deemed abandoned and will be deemed from the exhibitors’ expense. The steering committee will not incur any liability for any loss, damage .The steering committee will not incur any liability for any loss, damage or expense whatsoever suffered by the exhibitor and or its associates as a consequence thereof.
  5. Electricity

    1. All electrical works and fittings must be done at   the exhibitor’s own expense. Such electrical work and fittings shall be performed by a contractor appointed by the steering committee.
    2. All electrical works, fittings and wring must be conducted and installed in compliance with these exhibition rules and regulations of the exhibition venue and any other laws and regulations which are in connection with the exhibition.
    3. Only electricity can be used as a source of light or power in the exhibition venue.
  6. Security at the exhibition venue

    1. The exhibition venue is given security and exhibitors should follow the rules and regulations given by them.
    2. Any damage to exhibitors will be charge from the exhibitor.24 hour security will be provided.To prevent theft/damage to goods, at least one representative should be present at time of opening and closing of the event.
  7. Exhibitor identity cards & vehicle Passes

    1. The steering committee will provide the identity cards for use by exhibitors.
    2. The exhibitor must provide the steering committee with full particulars of all those personnel, agents or representatives of the exhibitor who will use the exhibitor identity cards before the identity cards could be issued the exhibitor shall ensure such personnel.
      • Display their exhibitor identity cards conspicuously whilst in the exhibitor venue
      • Do not pass or transfer their exhibitor identity cards to any other person.
      • Return the exhibitor identity cards to the steering committee at the end of the exhibition period or upon demand by the steering committee.
      • Comply with all obligations or request impose on such personnel by the steering committee.
  8. Liability, rights and insurance

    1. The steering committee, its agents, representatives, contractors or employees shall not be liable in any away whatsoever in respect of any loss, injury or other damages suffered by or caused to the exhibitor or its associates or the products or other property of the exhibitor, its associates or its visitors
    2. The steering committee shall not be responsible in any manner whatsoever for the consequences of any introduction or commercial transaction made during or as a result of the exhibition.
    3. The exhibitor undertakes to indemnify and at all times hereafter to keep indemnified the steering committee, its agents, representatives and employees on demand from and against all liabilities, actions, proceedings, claims, damages, costs and expenses they may suffer or incur by reason however in relation to any agreement with the exhibitor or its associates or any breach of the regulation by the exhibitor or its associates.
    4. All products, materials, items or things of things of the exhibitor or his associates are brought to an removed from the exhibitor venue at the sole risk of the exhibitor and should be safeguarded by the exhibitor at all times.
    5. The exhibitor acknowledges and agrees that its participation in the exhibitor is solely at the exhibitors own risk.
    6. The steering committee reserves the right to exercise a general lien over any property the exhibitor has in the exhibition venue in respect of all monies due to the steering committee (including claims for damages) howsoever in connection with the exhibition.
    7. The exhibitor must comply with all relevant health and safety legislation and ensure that its associates are aware of their duties and responsibilities. Any plant or systems of work which may be sued must be safe and without risks to health.
  9. Intellectual property

    1. The exhibitor hereby represents and warrants to the steering committee that the products do not infringe or breach in any way any right (including but not limited to intellectual property rights) of any person or entity and does not constitute a contravention of any applicable rule or law whether in the country of the exhibition venue or any other country.
    2. The exhibitor shall at all times, and without limit in point of time, indemnify and hold indemnified the steering committee in full on demand against all liability, loss, damages, costs and expenses (including legal costs and expenses on a full indemnity basis) awarded against or incurred or paid by the steering committee as a result or in connection with breach of any warranty given by the exhibitor and any claim that the products infringe or their importation use or resale infringes and patent copyright design right trademark or other intellectual property rights of any or other or entity.
  10. Cancellation of Exhibition

    1. The steering committee reserves the right to change the plan, site character or the exhibition venue at t time. The steering committee may in its sole and absolute discretion make proportional allowance for the space allocated to the exhibitor.
    2. Notwithstanding anything contained in the regulations or any other documents or agreements between the exhibitor and the steering committee, the steering committee reserves the right to cancel, alter in character or reduce in scale the exhibition or to shorten or extend the exhibition period in its sole and absolute discretion at any time for whatsoever reason provided absolute discretion at any time for whatsoever reason provided always that the steering committee may in its sole and absolute discretion refund without interest such amount, if any, of the participation fee as the steering committee thinks appropriate.
    3. Subject to discretionary right to refund the participation fee under paragraph 10. 2 above, the steering committee, its associated companies, its agents and representatives shall not be liable and the exhibitor shall not make any claim or demand, whether for loss damage, or return of all or part of any money paid by the exhibitor, in connection with the steering committee exhibiting its rights under paragraph 11, including without limitation, any cancellation, alteration, reduction, shortening or exhibition of the exhibition or the exhibition period.
  11. Governing Law

    1. These conditions shall be governed by and construed in all aspects in accordance with the laws of Sri Lanka and the exhibitor irrevocably submits to the non – exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Sri Lanka.

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