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Nutrition Program for Mothers



Instructing mothers’ in selected villages in central provincial  divisional secretariat wards

  • Schedule programs of counseling & instructing for mothers
    • Give practical knowledge to prepare a alimentary food.
    • Advice by leaflets

nutriition for mothersTarget group of this program is pregnant mothers and mothers of the children under five years. This includes awareness lectures and practical demonstration of preparation of nutritious indigenous food.

Community medical officers participated for all these programs making mother easily accessible to vast knowledge of Ayurveda regarding Nutrition. Here they get a good chance to clarify misbelieves regarding nutrition and also pregnancy.






Nutrition Program for Students



Proceed programs for students between 9-13 grades about reproductive health and consequences of teenage pregnancies in appropriate age according to the title “Ayurveda for future housewife”

  • Lectures, Discussions
  • Give knowledge by using printed papers & posters



Adolescent Nutrition is very important to improve the productivity of the professionals and future pregnant mothers. Adolescents are the people mostly being targeted by the promoters who design TV commercials and advertisements.

This program is targeted on adolescent school children to remove all the misconceptions regarding nutrition. This program is to promote traditional food against fast food with empty calories. This provides knowledge to children to select good food and minimize intake of harmful food and additives.


Our Vision

Ayurveda  for  Madarata  Excellence

Our Mission

To  identify and  develop the expected prevention and curative services through indigenous medicine to build up a healthy community in the Central province.