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හෙළ අවුරුදු සිරිතේ හිස තෙල් ගැල්වීමේ මහා මංගල්‍යය-2015

ශ්‍රී නාථ දේවාලය-මහනුවර

Soorya Managalyaya 2014


මැදරට වෛද්‍ය ප්‍රඥා ප්‍රසාදීනි සම්මාන උළෙල - 2013

Ayur Ex 2014-Kandy


Opening of Kotmale Hospital


Opening of Dorakumbura Central Dispensary



Training Sessions for Traditional Ayurvedic Practitioners



Drugs Production



Department of ayurveda






Our Vision

Ayurveda  for  Madarata  Excellence

Our Mission

To  identify and  develop the expected prevention and curative services through indigenous medicine to build up a healthy community in the Central province.